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Reinvented Fork Changes The Taste Of Anything You Eat To Your Liking

Aroma Fork

So you are cooking something and everything is going just perfect and the dish looks great – time for the final test – and oh no; you forgot to add that particular ingredient and now, the dish is ruined. All those who like to play in kitchen have experienced this moment once in their lifetime and it is not a good experience at all.
However, thanks to this gadget, you can add any flavour that you forgot to put in your food during cooking! The gadget comes from inventors in Canada and the key idea is simple; the gadget makes use of aroma to lead people into believing that they are actually tasting the flavours.

The gadget is being called; ‘The Metal Aroma Fork’ and comes with a package of 21 flavours that include vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mint and almond. Other flavours, which can be used to stir things up include cilantro, smoke, truffle, jalapeno and what not. The working principle is to make use of aroma in liquid form that has been placed just underneath the fork’s handle. It is then allowed to be soaked through blotting paper, a small circle of it, and is then allowed to be released slowly while the owner enjoys the meal.

The user of AromaFork, however, has to impart taste each time by employing a dropper and will be required to place a blotting paper piece in place. Jonathan Coutu is the president of MOLECULE-R Flavors, A Canadian inventor’s firm, and according to him; ‘The initial idea was to reinvent the traditional fork into an improved utensil that would trick people’s mind by liberating an intense flow of aromas. It will become the perfect educational tool to learn how to better appreciate food.’

Oh and here’s a fun fact for you all; the tongue is able to recognize only five primary tastes which are sourness, sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and umami. For the difference between similar tastes such as sugar and honey, the nose does the rest of the job by identifying the underlying flavour for each food.
Check out the product video for this gadget below: