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These 10 Apps Will Make Your Life Easier

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Technology is evolving at such a fast rate that it affects all our lives and mostly in a good way. All of the advancements that we make in technology are aimed at making our lives better and easier. Smartphones have certainly played a great role in making our lives efficient. But that wouldn’t be possible without the apps that make them so useful. Here are 10 apps that are sure to make your life more streamlined and simpler.

1. Noom Walk

Tracking exercise is difficult, let alone getting it, but when we can see our progress represented in a solid numerical form, we are motivated to do more. This is where Noom Walk comes in, an app that acts as a pedometer with a sleek, minimalist design.

2. Pocket

The internet is filled with interesting things to read, and it is frustrating when we stumble upon something good but don’t have the time to read it and forget about it later. Pocket allows you to save the pages that interest you and read them at your convenience.

3. 30/30

When working on large projects or anything that requires our full concentration, it is hard to stay focused. 30/30 is a task manager app that changes the way we work. This highly acclaimed app is simple but effective and works on a very simple principal – you focus on work intensely for 30 minutes and relax for the next 30 minutes. A technique that lets you get more done without exhausting yourself.

4. Solar: Weather

There are a lot of apps to tell you about the weather, but Solar: Weather is smartest and most aesthetically pleasing weather apps around. Most weather apps are unreliable but Solar: Weather is both smart and beautiful.

5. Evernote

This may be the greatest productivity app out there. Evernote lets you do a variety of tasks from taking notes, to taking photos, to recording voice reminders. All of these are easily searchable from home, work or on the go.

6. Cal

If you are one of those people who heavily rely on their phone’s calender, this app is sure to make a difference in your life. Cal is a beautiful app with loads of features, and ties in your contacts and social media accounts, among other things. The best organizer app you can have.

7. Calm

With our busy lives, it’s almost impossible to find time to relax. The pressure of finances, people, jobs and other commitments make life a clutter. Calm is an app that allow you to relax and meditate with beautiful photographs and serene music.

8. RedLaser

If you are a bargain hunter and hate it when you buy something for a store only to find the same item at a lower price in the next shop, then RedLaser will make sure you never face that situation again. The app allows you to scan barcodes to find the best deals in town or online.

9. SoundHound

If you are a music addict and just have to know the song that’s playing in the car or at a party, the SoundHound will make sure you’re well connected. The app recognizes the song playing around you and gives you the chance to download it on the spot so you can always find your new favorite.

10. iRecycle


With the green movement growing everyday, there are more and more people who are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. The iRecycle app let’s you enter your location to find the nearest recycle points where you can recycle pretty much anything.

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