These Malicious Apps On Android Have Been Charging Millions Of Customers Without Their Permission


In a damning exclusive report, a Russian security firm has revealed that the Google Play store contained 28 malicious apps that charged customers without their authorization and that the apps have been downloaded around 10 million times by users from the Play store. The apps subjugated spam and random content, which remained installed on the mobile phones of the users until they deleted the apps manually.

As a matter of fact, Google usually inspects the apps carefully for malware software before uploading them into the app store, but this time, a considerable number of such apps went unnoticed. Dr. Webb underlined these threats in his monthly threat report, demonstrating that “adware trojans” were incorporated into these Android apps. The apps are mainly similar to “photo editing software, keyboard and utility apps, wallpaper collection apps, etc.” Many such apps copied the templates of other important system apps to present themselves as credible and persuaded the users to install them without questioning their integrity.

In addition to this, the apps contain paid ads which the software continuously displays to the users without their permission with the aim of generating money. As reported by 9to5 Mac, Apple has recently sent a letter to Congress condemning the sideloading of apps. It stated that Android users are more prone to such malware and that it causes more harm than good. If you aren’t aware of side-loading apps, they allow users to “download apps outside of official app stores.”

Along with that, legal rules and laws have not yet been decided on the Open App Markets Act, which is becoming a cause to forcibly allow the leading phone manufacturing companies like Apple and Android to enable access to download apps through sideloading apps for their users. This is a matter of concern for the technology industry as the malicious software would not only damage the incorporated systems on the user’s cell phones but may also become a reason for leaking personal data. So, it is always advisable to analyze the ratings and reviews before downloading a certain app.

It is now dependent on users to refrain from downloading any random apps in order to scrutinize the safety of their mobile phones. As stated by one of the users, “Stop downloading random apps.” Safety is always better than cure, so always be vigilant when downloading any random app.


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