Riders Can Pedal This 3 Wheel Bike To The Same Speed As Any Car

Raht Racer Trike – Environment Friendly Bike

This three-wheeler electric bike is quite amazing. It features pedals that can be used for charging the electric motor while traveling forward on road. The idea is pretty unique and is comprised of some amazing environment-friendly approaches.Raht Racer Trike – Environment Friendly Bike

The velomobile/trike has been named as Raht Racer and comes from Rich Kronfield who is based in Minneapolis. The project has been undergoing development for a few years now. After being worked upon for this long, it is ready to take on the world. Racht Racer is raising funds on Kickstarter and shall be able to make its way to the production stage.Raht Racer Trike – Environment Friendly Bike 4

The trike has been created from carbon fiber material and consists of a number of safety features, such as airbags, roll cage along with seat belts. In order to make uphill rides comfortable and less tiresome, the trike supports pedal powered assistance. This assistance is being provided by 9.2kWh Li-ion battery pack electric motor. The motor can determine how much torque is being provided by the rider and can automatically make up for the remaining torque by using the pedal assistance.Raht Racer Trike – Environment Friendly Bike 2

As per the company, once the Raht Racer is complete, it can manage a stop speed of 100 mph. Although it is not road legal yet, it will be tackling this hurdle soon and shall be termed as a motorbike once it gets the approval. It will be priced at somewhere between $35,000 and $45,000.


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