These Flatpack Wooden Go-Karts Can Be Assembled At Home In A Few Hours

Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly8

Say hello to PlyFly Go-Kart, a flat-pack kart which is powered by gasoline and can move as fast as 40 km/hr. The device has been created by FlatWorks which is a wooden kit company.Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly2 Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly3

This wonderfully designed go-kart will be available in two different models; a 2.5 hp and another 4 hp model. The 4 hp model will be able to achieve speeds of 40 km/hr while the 2.5 hp version will be attaining a top speed of 27 km/hr. The larger engine will be able to run for 2.5 hours on a single tank of gasoline and the smaller will run for an hour.Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly4 Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly5 Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly7 Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly6

Both versions support the same 4-stroke Honda clone engines that have been manufactured in China and satisfy the US emissions requirements. The 2.5 hp model weighs 56 kg while the 4 hp model weighs 61 kg. According to a company representative, the 4 hp model shall be able to handle weights more than 113 kg.Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly11

The PlyFly Go-Kart has been created from 0.75 inch thick Baltic Birch plywood and measures 101x58x142 cm. The kart is shipped in a total of 3 boxes and assembly time has been calculated to be about 5 hours while using basic tools. It sports pinion steering and rack, smartphone mount to allow for making action video, adjustable seat, and a safety flag to help with visibility along with a disc brake system. The kart has tires filled with foam and reportedly, these tires did better when compared with the pneumatic tires as the kart underwent tests.Flatpack Go-Kart by PlyFly9

The company has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and move the project to full-scale production. A 2.5 hp model will cost you $745 and a 4 hp model costs $845. The first batch of shipments is scheduled for mid-2015.

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