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Remote-Controlled Seagull Drone ‘Poops’ Sunscreen On Unsuspecting Kids Playing At The Beach

Sun exposure can adversely affect the human skin and the children especially face a health risk. Albeit their repeated attempts to save their children from the harmful UV rays from the sun, the parents are often left to deal with stubborn kids who refuse to wear the sunscreen.

The famous cosmetics brand Nivea has hit upon an ingenious solution to the dilemma faced by the parents. The sunscreen manufacturer has launched a humorous campaign which makes innovative use of the drone technology to raise awareness about the potential health risks of the sun rays among the users.


Image Source: Nivea


The drone featured in the campaign video is a UV detecting, sunscreen pooping drone resembling a seagull. The drone flies above the unsuspecting kids playing on the beach and drops, or better yet poops, the sunscreen on them.

The seagull drone is equipped with a special UV camera to single out those kids who are not wearing sunscreen. The kids without sunscreen appear darker on the screen than those who are wearing a sunscreen. The reason behind the darker appearance of the children playing on the beach sans sunscreen is that they are soaking up more harmful UV rays. Thus, the drone operators can easily target the kids who are at risk of harmful sun exposure.


Image Source: Minitime


Although most of the kids are expected to run off shouting “Ewwww, get it off! Get it off!” Nivea, however, wants the children to rub the mess all over their bodies. Unless the kids confused the drone for an actual seagull, the sunscreen delivery method is actually pretty cool.

Watch the entire ad in this video:

However, we strongly recommend you to treat the droppings landing on your children as authentic, until you spot a humming Nivea drone in the sky.

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