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It Seems Like An Ordinary Pen At First But Once You Start Drawing, It Will Blow You Away

LIX 3D Printing Pen 5

Its pretty sure now that the future belongs to 3D printing. What started off as just a concept has moved on to capture quite a huge market and is doing amazingly good. For instance; let’s talk about 3D pens. Didn’t know they exist? Now you do. All the artists and creative people out there are already experiencing a change, which involves them using 3D printing to turn their designs into physical manifestations.
LIX 3D Printing Pen 4
Up till now however, 3D pens have been bulky and didn’t allow much room to experiment with things. The new LIX 3D printing pen has made that an issue of the past and brings to you the unparalleled experience of 3D printing with a light weight pen.

LIX 3D pen’s attributes are comparable to that of a standard writing pen and this accounts for the details that it allows the users to print. The working principle is the same as of any standard 3D printer. The user is to place the filament within the pen and the pen melts them down in order to create the ‘ink’. When the user uses the pen to draw, ‘ink’ cools down and transforms into a solid. This pen is portable and employs the use of a USB 3.0 port for charging purpose. Owing to its weight and size, the pen is capable of drawing any shape that you can imagine and for artists/creative people, this means the world.

Why does this pen stand out from other contenders? That is because it has a design that is similar to the standard technical pen, which many artists and designers are familiar with so you need not learn how to use this pen. The pen is made of aluminium and will be available in black and grey. It is obvious that this pen was designed while keeping the target audience in mind and the job has been done quite wonderfully.

You can get your hands on early version by pledging $135 on LIX Kickstarter campaign which will warrant you one unit with 15 bags of mixed color filament. Oh and just so that you know; it has met its funding already. So yeah, you’ll be seeing this gadget in the market soon enough. Check out the video below for more details:

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