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Say Hello To The World’s Smartest Tape Measure

The AI-Powered Intelligent Tape Measure May Be The World's Smartest_Image 0

Bagel is allegedly the world’s smartest tape measure. The designers of this vaguely bagel-shaped, intelligent tape measure are currently running their Kickstarter campaign to generate $30,000 via the crowdfunding platform.

Bagel is essentially a digital tape measure, offering three different measuring modes: the string mode, the wheel mode, and the remote mode. The smart tape measure can store data, record voice memos, and connect with its mobile app to transmit data to your smartphone.


Image Source: Bagel


The string mode of Bagel offers the common measuring experience. For length measurement, Bagel comes equipped with the durable Dyneema string that can bear up to 112 pounds of pressure. The wheel mode of Bagel can be utilized to measure the curved distances using one hand only.

You can see the tape in action in this video:



Bagel is equipped with a laser pointer to estimate the horizontal and vertical distances when operated in the remote mode.

See, how the IoT has transformed the good old’ tape measure?

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