Watch This Real-life Iron Man Fly His Gravity Jet Suit On The Europe’s Longest Zip Line

jet suit

Those who are keeping an eye on the personal jet flight area should be keeping an eye on three people. All three of these fit a superhero model. First among these is Australia’s David Mayman of Jetpack Aviation who plays Buck Rodgers with his JB-series jetpacks. Then is France’s Franky Zapata as the Green Goblin who surfs the air on his Flyboard Air Jetboard. And then Britain’s Richard Browning who is the Iron Man with a jet suit that has thrusters on his arm and back. All three of them are a team now and blast around the sky in their demonstration flights.

These devices will be available in the market as soon as the dead zone problem i.e. no functioning of ballistic parachutes above 100 feet is fixed. It is satisfying to watch these pioneers of personal flights having fun while risking their lives. In the latest video, Richard Browning has taken his 1000-horsepower Gravity suit. He has flown over Europe’s longest and fastest zip-line backward and upward. It is a way to speed test the suit and also to learn about the high-speed aerodynamics. Browning was attached to the zip line so he would have reached the bottom safely in case his suit failed him.

The venue for this stunt is Zip World, located outside Bangor in the North Wales. It stretches from the bottom of a huge quarry and goes all the way up to the top and gives a terrific view. Even without jet power, this zip line is a lot of fun.

So far, Browning has managed to hit 90km/h. He was operating in an extremely physically demanding situation of crosswind.


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