Here Are 15 Terrible Appliance Repair Fails That Will Make You Laugh


Some of us are very keen to fix anything that breaks in the house. However, before trying and tacking to fix the broken anything at home, have a look at these 15 appliances. These were fixed at home when the experts should have been called to do the repairs instead.

Duct Tape Is Not The Solution

Duct tape can hold almost anything together. But in case your toilet is falling off, you should consider calling a professional.

I Can Really Do It All By Myself

This one is a very creative do it yourself kind of repair. A can is used here as a temporary shower head which is offering a very nice spray.

DIY Door Bell

This is certainly a very bold and warm way to welcome your guests home.

Dessert Time

When you want to eat something, you just need to convince yourself that you can make it. Even if you are short of equipment.

Save The Hot Water

Using up all the hot water is a big issue. This man has created a way to create instant hot water everytime he goes for a shower.

Duct Tape To The Rescue

Gravity always wins when it comes to the race between a tape and it. Lucky for this man who has a protective cage on top of his fan.

Drill Can Do More Than Just Drilling

These two clever mates have created a way to make themselves a smoothie using a drill machine. With this method, you don’t need to fix the blender. Just use your drill machine.

Fixing The Broken TV

Instead of fixing your broken TV, you can also give it some pretty new aesthetics.

Need Hot Water? Here it Comes

This genius has created a whole process to get the warm water. Water goes from tap into the water bottle pipe into a kettle. In the kettle, it is heated and then used.

All You Need Is A Cup Of Tea

Many problems can be fixed over a single cup of tea. This solution is slow but smart and uses the power of tealight candles to boil water.

Flushing Is Essential!

Toilets are a very critical part of any house. In this case, the man has tried really hard to fix the issue. However, we are not sure if its worse than before or not.

Phone Techs

These days we have built-in antennas. But this phone was working just fine after the DIY screw antenna was installed.

Keyboard Fix

This man has repaired his keyboard using the origami fix. He folded some paper and used some DIY graphic designing to perform the fix.

Save Water!

This man fixed the leak in the toilet by taking the leaking water back to its source.

Keep Your Computers Cool

Keeping computers cool is important for high performance. But keeping water running through plastic tubes inside your computer is not a good idea to do it.

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