RC Plane That Can Be Controlled By A Smartphone

Smart-Plane makes use of iOS Device for its Flight 4

We are currently experiencing some of the most amazing technological advancements in the history. One of the most notable one is that of the smartphone. Smartphones have taken over the world due to their ease of use and the functions they offer to the user. Our today’s article is about a RC Plane which can be controlled by an iPhone. This Smart-Plane has been manufactured by TobyRich, a German company whose specialty is smartphone controlled gadgets.

Smart-Plane makes use of iOS Device for its Flight 5TobyRich’s recent invention is being termed as; ‘the first smartphone-controlled airplane in the world.’ However, some of us might argue in context of the PowerUp kit which allowed the users to incorporate control of a paper plane to their smartphones but this one is still, so far, the most comprehensive package we have come across. The aircraft has been built using expanded polypropelene and is durable while being lightweight as well. To reduce damage to machinery in case of any collision, the engine and the propeller have been fitted inside the nose. Still foreseeing that accidents do happen; an extra propeller has been added to the kit.

In terms of power, it is powered by a lithium-polymer battery and weighs about 1 gram. This battery, as per the claims of TobyRich, will provide 5 minutes of flight at full throttle and will take about 15 mins to charge using the micro-USB cable. However, if you involve some gliding and soaring, the flight duration can be extended up to 30 minutes.

Smart-Plane makes use of iOS Device for its FlightThe aircraft makes use of Bluetooth-smart to connect to an iOS device and this implies that it has a range of about 200 ft. As expected, the plane can be paired to only one device at a time to save ourselves from the chaos and destruction which might follow if this wasn’t ensured. Automatic updates for the firmware of plane are carried out wirelessly.

There is no camera attached to aircraft so, no, you won’t be getting a video feed. However, the users will be provided with an artificial horizon along with the throttle control and some other gauges which will indicate signal strength and battery life. The rudder of our smart plane will be calibrated to the iOS device’s gyro.

Smart-Plane makes use of iOS Device for its Flight 2According to TobyRich, the plane has been designed for indoor use although it lacks sharp reflexes. The app also has a feature known as Flight-Assist which will enable the app to make automatic tuning and necessary adjustments for the stabilization of flight. This wonderful piece of equipment is available for only €69 with free shipping in Germany. However, for buyers in UK and Switzerland, an extra €12 will be charged. The app is free to download from the store. Check out the video to see this smart-plane in action

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