A Paper Airplane That Can Be Controlled By A Smartphone

A Paper Airplane Controlled By Smartphone

We all have at one point in our lives, folded a sheet of paper into an airplane and watched in amazement as our creation floated across the air for a few seconds. A project started by Shai Goitein on Kickstarter allows you not only to fly your paper airplane higher and for a longer duration of time but also control it using your smartphone.

The PowerUp 3.0 is a small device which turns paper airplanes into flying machines using a small propeller and rudder to control speed and steering, allowing greater flight times. The steering is controlled by tilting your phone left and right to change the direction of the plane and the flight distance is up to 60 yards, which is impressive for such a small aircraft.

The Kickstarter project has flown by its initial target of $50,000 and even left the $150,000 mark behind, allowing Goitein’s team to create both an iOS and Android version of the PowerUp app. The PowerUp 3.0 set can be reserved with a pledge of $40, which is a reasonable price for such a fun gadget. Check out other details of this new inventions in the images.

The PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module

The PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module

How to use the PowerUp 3.0

Specifications of the PowerUp 3.0

App features (now available for Android too)

Tilting the phone steers the plane

Tilt iPhone right or left for maneuvering

Bluetooth stats

PowerUp 3.0’s wireless communication is based on Bluetooth Smart technology, the newest standard for extremely power-efficient wireless communication.

The module can be charged using a power pack (extra option)

The PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module can be used with almost any airplane design

Design stages of the PowerUp Smart Module

Previous prototypes

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