Over One Billion Marine Creatures Have Died Because Of The Heatwave

The world is undergoing extreme weather changes which are resulting in intense temperatures all around the world. Global warming is the outcome of these changes, and the world is yet to be adjusted to the unpleasant and intolerable consequences this massive change is bringing into every living being’s life. Besides, humans, every other living thing is also getting exposed to the hazards of extreme climatic shifts because the living bodies are experiencing this the first time and they are yet to be adjusted to this transformation in the surroundings.

Similarly, marine life, despite being based in water, is facing this calamity as well. Specifically, in the Pacific area, marine life is experiencing a deadly heatwave which is proving to be fatal for the life in the water. A report from Canada announces that around 1 billion organisms belonging to the sea have died because of the heatwave. The report further enhances how marine life is being affected by this heat.

Professor Harley from the University of British Columbia states that he has been observing and researching marine life in the Pacific region for the past 25 years and still has not seen any occurring like this one. The Professor believes that the reported 1 billion amount is certain but there are significant possibilities of this amount underrepresenting the extent of this calamity. More species and more casualties are sure to have happened which have gone undocumented.

The researchers believe that the authorities and organizations do not take marine life into account when talking about the species affected by high temperatures. They are ignored and are not taken care of. As a result, they die. Most species that are exposed to these circumstances include clams, crabs, mussels, and sea anemones. This massive effect can lead to an unpleasant influence on the overall marine ecosystem.

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