Amazon Suffers Global Outage

It seems that even a big company like Amazon can suffer its share of technical difficulties. Back in June, Amazon suffered a brief outage on its Alexa and Prime Video platforms. The outage was detected and monitored by Downdectector, a website for detecting downed services. Back then more than 6,200 users had reported issues with Amazon’s online store and other reported problems with Prime Video and Alexa. Now, something similar has happened yet again.

Another outage happened this Sunday late at night and went on for nearly two hours. The disruption was more widely spread than the last one. This time more than 38,000 users reported issues with Amazon’s online stores. For two hours, no one could use their online store to buy products or just browse. The outage in June only had 6,200 reports for their website which is a small number when compared to 38,000.

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All of this was again monitored by Downdectector and it showed a significant drop in reports right after. Some users speculated that maybe Amazon was hit by a cyberattack as well. Though we can’t blame anyone for thinking that because hackers have been pretty bold as of late. The REvil group hit Kaesya a week ago which and their attack spread to 200 businesses worldwide.

Cyberattacks have become a thorn at the USA’s side and many other countries as well. These attacks have called for more investments in national cybersecurity while making people more aware of just how fragile computer systems can be. Unfortunately, we’re not sure what exactly happened over at Amazon to cause this outage. Maybe something happened during the servers’ maintenance.

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An Amazon spokesperson said that “Some customers may have temporarily experienced issues while shopping. We have resolved the issue, and everything is now running smoothly”. The spokesperson, however, declined to comment on what happened and what exactly had caused the outage to occur. This has been Amazon’s second disruption and both were within an earshot of each other.

This causes me to think that there may be something more to this. Maybe they just wanted us to meet the dogs of Amazon.

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