WATCH: Car Jackers In Detroit Leave Car Since No One Could Drive Manual

No matter how much research you do or how many crime movies you have watched, when it comes to practicality, things are not as easy and convenient as they may seem. This reality was revealed to a group of thieves when they planned to steal a vehicle but failed miserably due to a pragmatic dilemma that was standing in their faces.

The story was reported by The Drive on 28th of June 2021 at around 08:30 pm, Detroit time. The action began when three thieves or carjackers, as they are now being referred to, tried to steal a car. The car was blue in color and the model was a 2006 Acura TSX. After struggling to break into the car by forcing two victims out of the vehicle who was already present, they were found to be disappointed, and all their hard and smart work was up to no avail. They terrorized the victims in the process of getting control of the car as well but still did not have control over what was to come next.

It turned out that the car was manual and the three persons drove automatic cars. This realization made them improvise and act accordingly in the situation. The smartest decision they could make was to run away and they did run away actually.

The footage was found in a security camera and is now present with the police. They are still locating these robbers and are searching for them actively so such mishaps will not be repeated because not every car they rob or steal is going to be manual. Gratefully, the victims were not hurt, and the car was not destroyed either. The whole situation is being found to be comical in nature as nobody expects thieves do not know how to drive manual automobiles. They are supposed to be proficient in all kinds of driving somehow.

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