Not Sure Whether To Buy iPhone 6S or Galaxy S6 Edge+? The Battle Ends Here

iphone6s vs S6 edge

Buying a new cell phone is often a tough decision, especially when buying options are so many. Below is a side-by-side spec comparison between iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6. Unless you do not want to switch operating system, the infographic below will help you buy the right cell phone for you.


iphone vs Galaxy


  1. Abhishikth Reply

    As an engineering page, you guys of all should know that hardware isnt the end of the story here.
    even a 16gb ram piece of hardware would work as shit with shit os.
    Apple does that best. it takes min specs and maximised the utility.
    If you are comparing hardware like ram, frequency, battery, camera pixels, without mentioning how much the software actually efficiently uses, you would sound like another dumb fandroid.
    THIS IS COMING FORM AN ISHEEP who also turns out to be an engineer and hs his shit covered.

    • kurt Reply

      yeah you’re an I-SHIT alryt.. engineer my ass. iphone’s overrated. much with blind faggots like you

      • Sakor Reply

        octa core of Galaxy S6 Edge+ will make it drain energy faster than dual core. both ipone and Galaxy have it own advantage and disadvantage.

  2. Pakumbo Reply

    Its called a system and every part contribute. OS is the big part apple wins

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