7 Laptop Battery Secrets That You Never Knew Before

laptop battery secrets5

The laptop you have had for a couple of years might be starting to get weak and since you can’t afford a new one so like many, would have to contend with just a new battery. Now that you want your battery to be replaced, there are a few trade secrets that you need to keep in mind before you to the market. Here we present you with six of these important ones you must know before heading out:

1. Country-wide presence of company

The country you are living in right now is critical as it will determine which companies to opt. Always choose the one that has significant presence and allows returns and exchanges. The cheap Chinese ones will cost you dearly in the long run.

2. The major companies Make us pay extra while using their brands

laptop battery secrets4

None of the major laptop manufacturers like HP, Dell and Acer make their own batteries. They charge double the price for getting it manufactured from third party OEMs. You can get your hands on an aftermarket OEM product at half the price of a branded one.

3. Not only cells but significant component determines the battery performance.

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The circuit layout, battery casing and battery banks determine the quality of the battery’s quality and performance of a battery. The safety specifications may seem like a hassle, but they have a huge part to play here as well. Samsung, LG and Texas instruments have some of the best battery performances.

4. Battery life expectancy varies from brand to brand.

It is the hallmark of a good battery that it lasts long and continues to provide a greater number of lifecycles while on work. Normally, it can provide anywhere between 400-800 cycles. The original batteries that come with laptop perform better, but here is the general lifespan of off-the-market batteries:

  1. Premium quality (Grade A): 12-18 months
  2. Medium Quality (Grade B): 10-15 months
  3. Poor Quality: (Grade C): 5-10 months

So, one should try to go for grade A because it lasts more than twice as long as grade C.

5. Battery testing and assembly practices are not the same everywhere

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All of the reputable companies like LG, Samsung, Dell, etc. perform rigorous testing on each battery to find out whether they are fit enough for putting inside a laptop. The inferior ones are discarded immediately. This is why you should opt for a premium one as they have been tested at various conditions the laptop can be made to work.

6. Warranty coverage for the batteries

Many people don’t know that their batteries generally expire before the warranty ends, so they can normally get new ones for free. So, always buy a battery with a warranty of one year at least and then put it through the paces. It will be actually good if it starts showing problems since you can get it replaced.

7. For a cheap alternative, you can also replace the battery cells inside yourself!

laptop battery secrets

You can make your battery work again without having to opt for an entire component. At a fraction of the price, you can have your old ones replaced with new ones in no time. You rip it open with the help of a scalpel and then replace the insides with 18650 Li-ion batteries of Samsung, which are splendid in particular and then re-solder them back together. Now secure the component with a wire tape or through a joining process. Beware, it might spring an occasional leak so keep it away from water.

So now you have brand new battery at no extra cost. Worth a try at least I would say!



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