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Nokia 9 PureView Is Changing Mobile Photography With Its 5 Back Cameras

The last time we featured Nokia, it was because the once-famous phone company was relaunching its iconic 3310 model. However, the HMD-owned brand is once again the highlight after unveiling its Nokia 9 PureView at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

The phone is unique because it features five rear cameras. And with its camera-arsenal, Nokia is about to transform the world of mobile photography. Generally, having multiple cameras on the phone is intended for the sake of covering varying focal lengths, thus imparting the feeling of having a zoom-lens attached to their phones.

The Nokia 9 PureView features two color image sensors, 12 megapixels each, and three black & white sensors with the same 12MP each with an f1.8 maximum aperture. The phone shoots simultaneously with all five of its cameras and relies on its image processing unit for putting the captured images together to create a high-resolution image.

Nokia has claimed that with its Nokia 9 PureView, it is able to capture ten times more light as opposed to its competition. The resulting image has less noise and offers crystal clear sharpness and loads of dynamic range. The 9 PureView also has the capability of shooting in the RAW format, thus enabling the user to have access to all of the data for the sake of post-production adjustment.

The phone comes with an octa-core processor and 6GB of RAM thus making sure that handling the large RAW files won’t be a problem for the phone. It seems that Nokia is awakening from a deep slumber and is ready to take on the world of smartphones the way it once conquered the industry of mobile phones. What do you think of this amazing phone by Nokia? Do you think Nokia will be able to find a firm footing in today’s competitive smartphone industry? Do let us know!

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