Nokia Finally Releases Its First Android Based SmartPhone. Here Is All About It

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For those of you who know the finer details of their smartphones, you’ll know that Nokia’s smartphones have been running different variants of Windows OS for mobile devices. But this year, the Finnish company took things in a completely different direction by unveiling their first series of Android smartphones at the 2014 Mobile World Congress.

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The company has revealed it’s new Nokia X series of Android smartphones which will run Android OS, with a few modifications. This Nokia X is not only the name of the smartphone series but also the name of the operating system.

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This “three way mashup” uses the Android 4.1 as a base and adds element of the Asha and Windows phone lineups creating an OS that can run Android apps, although with no access to the Play Store since Nokia will be curating the user’s app experience.

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Currently, the range will have three phones spanned over three different price ranges. The lowest in the range is the Nokia X, a phone with a 4-inch screen and a dual core 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The next in line is the Nokia X+, which has a larger internal memory and a slot for a micro SD card. The phone at the high-end, the Nokia XL, is also the largest (as the name suggests) and a 5-inch screen, a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front camera.

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This new development by the world famous mobile company is certainly amazing, especially since Windows and Google have been competitors in the tech market for years now. But the X series of phones will give users a slightly different experience from what they would be expecting upon first hearing the phrase “Android Nokia”.

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  1. natnael Reply

    I was kind of confused on whether to have Nokia or Android but now it’s solved nice job!

  2. sudheer Reply

    Finally Nokia did it…that my favorite brand
    Sure Nokia will be the best smartphone of this decade 🙂 Congrats Nokia

  3. shehroz Reply

    Rather then using 4.1 which is jelly bean why dont they use kitkat and no play store and mix of asha elements in android seriously not going make me smile. But worth a shot

  4. shivakumar Reply

    clearly mention the futures and apps with starting price.
    what is difference between samsung smart phone?

  5. Allauddin Reply

    Without access to play store
    there is no scope for good sales
    of Nokia android

  6. me Reply

    strange nokia was bought by microsoft so how come they r ditching their windos os.

  7. cheryl Gomiton Reply

    Finally the Nokia have android. Lumia smartphone it’s nice coz I have Lumia 625.

  8. Pradeep Reply

    its what we are waiting for

    thanku Nokia .
    Sure Nokia will be the best smartphone of this decade 🙂 Congrats Nokia

  9. van Reply

    `…OS that can run Android apps, although with no access to the Play Store …`
    is it product strenght or weakness instead??

  10. Ruthy Maurice Reply

    this is great!
    I will be interested to get the price published
    ..Well done Nokia***

  11. Mohamed Elghobashy Reply

    I didn’t feel like of this step from Nokia . Nokia was great before smart phone’s with android rising . But it’s new android phone’s specifications didn’t offer any new thing in the market.

  12. Lokesh Reply

    This sounds like a windows Vista! A mix up having everything but can’t catch up.

  13. Mursaleen Reply

    hayeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 ..if its so then nokia will be world’s no 1 smart phone 😀

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