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New Video Leak Reveals The Design Of Apple iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Mock up 6

Things have changed radically ever since Apple came with a breakthrough in terms of smartphones with its iPhone. Over a period of 7 years, we have witnessed a boom and extraordinary growth in this field as more powerful and smartphones with better design keep coming up one after another.
We now have access to smartphones which have more RAM, are capable of faster processing and come with amazing HD resolution screens. The next big thing expected this particular year is Apple’s iPhone 6.

Although the phone is due for later this year, it hasn’t stopped rumors and leaks from flooding the internet and you can find a number of articles on this topic. However, we believe that this particular design leak is the most accurate one since the design changes that have been incorporated comply to the recent rumors regarding iPhone 6. A video shows an alleged mock up model of the new iPhone 6 and despite the fact that the authenticity of this can’t be validated, it is quite close to the expected Apple iPhone 6.

The video entails a mock up design and depicts a phone with a display size of 4.7” and it is way thinner than your average smartphone. As per the rumors; iPhone 6 will come with a thickness that falls somewhere near 6 mm. In order to facilitate the one-handed use of phone this new gadget, it will come with a power button that will be present on the right instead of the top. The phone will have TouchID fingerprint sensor (probably improved from what we’ve seen in iPhone 5s) and an improved A8 processor along with a better camera. Iphone 6 will run iOS 8 and whether Apple will be able to pull off the magic of amazing the world again or not is something that is yet to be seen. Check out the youtube video below:

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