Here Is Why The iPhone 6S Is Still Better Than The Latest Galaxy S7

iPhone better than S72

It will be somewhat biased to compare the previous version of the iPhone with the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 model. The new phone from Samsung has some truly cool features that the iPhone users will be crying out for, but as things stand in some aspects, an iPhone might just be the better of the two smartphones due to some reasons. After the previous article where we highlighted the edge S7 has over the iPhone 6S, we now list down the things you can’t do with a Galaxy that you can do with an iPhone.

The greatest weapon that works in the favor of Apple is its robust iOS platform. Google has tried and tried, but its open-source platform has come nowhere near iPhone’s iOS when it comes to stability and smooth performance. It is the prime reason why iPhone posts great sales figures every year. Anyone can make a smartphone and run Android on it, but only Apple can have the luxury of iOS that seemingly never fails or slow downs. iOS also has arguably got better apps and the dedicated team of iOS developers has no match. They are always making new attempts of unlocking the potential of iPhones and provide the most consistent updates over the span of your device’s life. Samsung and Android, on the other hand, has a terrible track record of flawed updates and unnecessary software both from the developers and Samsung itself. The newer smartphones of Samsung have only just begun to receive the software updates even though Google had launched the platform last fall.

iPhone better than S7

This never happens in the case of an iPhone and the fact that iPad 2, the 5-year old tablet from Apple has an iOS 9 update available. Even though these older devices slow down on new OS, the company still manages to release it on them, thus capturing the loyalty of the Apple customers. Also, it is entirely normal for iOS users to enjoy a new feature or app months before Android users get it on the phones.

Popular apps in Android never have the clean design and smooth architecture like in iOS apps for one reason or another. The iPhone’s robust anti-snooping system means that the contents are quite safe from incursion. Even the FBI weren’t able to get inside the iPhone 5C used by one of the attackers involved in the San Bernardino incident. Since then, Apple has been slapped with a lawsuit to allow access to the smartphones via a backdoor and the company is fighting tooth and nail to avoid it. This shows the seriousness of Apple to ensure privacy concerns of its users as opposed to Google that collects users information itself to present us with the right ads! The stage fright bug that affected nearly every Android phone last year could have been solved with a single patch on the iOS, but with Android, it spread and affected almost everybody using it.

iPhone better than S73

Don’t get me wrong; S7 is amazing phone especially its latest camera and waterproof capability. It’s just that the exclusiveness and privacy of an iPhone is tough to beat and S7 I am afraid, can’t provide you with that!


  1. Barry Reply

    “It is the prime reason why iPhone posts great sales figures every year” – LOL! You cannot be serious. The prime reason is solely to do with the Apple brand and the sheep lapping up their products, eagerly yearning to show off their new iPhone to fellow fools. Apple have been churning out sub-par chipsets and technology since they got involved in the mobile phone industry. You can buy a Samsung Galaxy A5 for £220 compared to an iPhone at £500, of which the former has a far better camera, screen, resolution, processor and RAM than the iPhone. The A5 also comes with expandable memory up to 64GB, whereas Apple force you to buy a 16GB or jump to a 64GB with internal memory. I’m sorry but the iPhone 6S does not come close to any mid-high end range of Samsung devices released within the last 2 years! You’re either getting paid good bucks to promote iPhone over the Galaxy range, or are just plain delusional.

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