iPhone 7 Leaked Photos Show An Odd Feature In New Apple Product


The iPhone 7 will be released in a few months and is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, just like always. Apple likes to keep its secrecy about the specs of the new phone, but recently, a Chinese Facebook page has just released the leaked pics of the new phone and now we can guess about some of the new features that the phone will possess. Unfortunately, the biggest rumors with the new iPhone were the smart connector and dual cameras which these images can’t confirm. The overall design outlook is the same as the predecessors except the addition of more rounded edges and a revisiting of the antenna placement. Here is the leaked picture below:

iPhone 7 leaked pics2

Credits: letemsvetemapplem

Apple is known not to make too many changes to the design of the phone as is evident by these photos. But, there is a new addition that is puzzling all gadget reviewers and that is the presence of a smaller hole next to the camera. The hole was never part of Apple products and it could very well be a secondary microphone or a noise canceling mechanism. But, it is slightly smaller than the microphone on the device, which makes us think that it could be a new innovative concept that Apple is famous for.

iPhone 7 leaked pics

The much-awaited iPhone 7 will be released in September this year and barring any further leaks on the device, we may have to find it directly from Apple itself. But, since it is that long away, feel free to guess what it might be so let us know in the comments!

Source: TechInsider

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