New Ring Turns Your Finger Into A Magic Wand


New gadgets in the form of ring are not uncommon these days. Smart Rings can unlock doors and mobile devices, tell the time, act as a pointer mouse, or even display notifications from smartphones. California-based firm Logbar, has introduced a new type of ring that can do a lot more than any other gadget with the same form.


Simply called the Ring, this device can be used to control mobile devices and home appliances, make electronic payments and even type text in mid air by simply waving a finger. The gadget uses Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and embedded motion sensors to perform different tasks. The ring is designed to be worn on the index finger and a touch sensor on the outer edge is used to activate it. The wearer can use simple motions such as up and down to control the volume of a paired device while complex motions can be used to write text using only the finger.


The Ring can even be used to make payments using GPS and Apple’s iBeacon technology. Users can use pre-defined gestures or their own customized gestures to make the ring work. The Ring works with both iOS and Android devices and Logbar is currently working on a Ring Store to house all apps related to their product. The device can also be used to notify the user of incoming alerts via embedded LEDs or vibration. On the downside, the presence of the vibration function means that the current Ring model is not waterproof, however Logbar is also working on a waterproof version.


The device has a rechargeable battery that is charged via a remote charging stand. The company says that the Ring’s battery is good for up to a 1000 gestures with the mobile charging stand able to charge the device. The device has been tested with iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Google Glass, smart watches, home automation devices and web services such as Twitter, Facebook and Evernote.


The device has its own Kickstarter campaign and the minimum cost for a device is $145. The first batch will only be available in silver with variable sizes. If you are unsure about your ring size, there is a printable version available to ensure a good fit when you place your order.
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  1. Simone Reply

    Here’s a link to the kickstarter campaign where you can buy it:

  2. Ahtsham Abbasi Reply

    who wouldn’t wanna buy it…?
    when will it be released and how much do you think it will cost?

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