Google Glass Can Now Read the Mood of Strangers

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EmotientWe have recently covered how Samsung is planning to bring AR keyboard to their Galaxy Glass. However, with all that being just a concept and a speculation; here we are again with something far more concrete and ready for action.

Walking around in a party or a club, we all have felt the need to know someone’s mood before we talk to the particular person? Well now, there is an app for that. This particular app designed for Google Glass by Emotient is for the very purpose and goes by the name of Sentiment Analysis – a rather befitting name, don’t you think?

Lets find out your moodSo how does this app work? The app employs the use of Google Glass camera to scan the intended person in real-time without the need for taking a picture or video and runs facial expression recognition in order to come to a conclusion to as to what the targeted person is feeling. The application, using it’s algorithm, is capable of identifying some basic good and bad expressions while also being capable of identifying some complex moods such as confusion and frustration. The software is also able to tell whether the other person is a male or female (although, we don’t really see why there’s a need for that). As mentioned already, this process is carried out quite anonymously without the intended target even finding out what’s going on and the information is rendered to the user via Glass read-out.

Google Glass 2As of now, Emotient is targeting retail services because it believes that by evaluating customers a company can greatly profit by improving its services and making sure that its customers are satisfied and properly attended. While this helps in improving things for the company, this also means that the customers will be treated as per their mood and well that would be something great!

google-glass Google GLass 3The idea is great and we are sure it will kick off. But what we fear are the protests that will rise once people find out that they’re being scanned without their consent! Still, it is an amazing idea to put forward and to execute and it is a job that has been done well by Emotient.

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