New Limb Lengthening Surgery Adds A Few More Inches To Your Height

Humans weren’t done with cosmetic surgeries making you look years younger, or the complexion-enhancing therapies. This time, humans have presented something bigger! Oh, even in the literal sense of the word. A clinic in Las Vegas has introduced limb-lengthening surgeries that can add a few inches to your stature. Amazed?

It’s a once in a lifetime burden on your pocket, but you can straight add up to 6 inches to your natural height. Neither is it a joke nor a prank, load your wallet with $75,000 and visit the LimbPlast X institute, bringing you out from your height complex forever. The deal has already gathered attention with around 30 men already been signed up for the surgery, while many more being in the queue. Dr. Kevin Debiparshad, a consultant at the clinic gave the details of the procedure. As far the time is concerned, you only need to spare one and a half hours, and shock your colleagues by returning to the office taller than before.

Curious to know what happens inside? Well, it involves incisions inside the leg bones and embedding a stretching device. But, results take almost a year to be completely visible.

Talk with the consultant explained, “We cut the leg bones – either femur (upper leg bone) or tibia (lower leg bone) – and insert a device that slowly stretches them out which makes you taller permanently. As far as the procedure goes, it’s an x-ray based surgery where I make 4-6 tiny small incisions into the leg (either thigh bone or lower leg bone) creating a window, to gain access to the hollow part of the bone, where I insert a device that responds to an external remote control that the patient will control at home. Once the device is set, I place screws at the top and bottom of the device to lock into position. This is done on each leg.”

You do need a little patience after the surgery as well. As the procedure is followed by therapy sessions. Furthermore, the control is provided to the patient himself, so that he can get his height increased by 1mm each day, via remote control. Worry not, you won’t be called an iron man having nails and bolts inside your bones. Once the span of a year is complete, they are removed out as well, leaving the bones in the stretched state permanently.

“Over 90 percent of my patients, including those who have consulted with me, are male. Most on average are about 5’6 seeking a height increase of 3 inches. The desire to appear taller, particularly for men, has always been a hot topic in modern-day society and social norms.”

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