New Leaked Videos Show Foxconn Workers Assembling The iPhone 8

Apple plans to reveal the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus, and its 10th Anniversary phone, iPhone 8, also dubbed as iPhone X. The highly hyped iPhone 8 is the center of many rumors, but insufficient details have been revealed for now. A video was recently uploaded to the Chinese social network Weibo that shows Foxconn workers cleaning the rear shells of iPhone 8.

The phone’s rear is no different from the previous models, but it does show the vertically aligned dual cameras at the back.

There is no verification of the authenticity of the video. However, we have never seen the interior of their manufacturing facilities due to the tight Apple and Foxconn security. The Guardian says that employees are not allowed to access sections of the factory without swiping cards, and all the delivery drivers can access specific areas using fingerprint scanners. There is hardly any chance of getting away with making a video inside. A past incident further negates it, when a photojournalist was dragged from the car and beaten after his continuous attempts of taking photos.

A warning sign outside the factory reads, “This factory area is legally established with state approval. Unauthorized trespassing is prohibited. Offenders will be sent to police for prosecution!”

Apple and Foxconn are notorious for mistreating their employees. Almost 20 incidents have been reported where the workers tried to commit suicide in the main factory location of Longhua.

As we await the revelation of the long awaited phone, feast on the videos showing the alleged iPhone 8.

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