Android Co-creator’s Essential Phone Is Now Available For Preorder

Essential PH-1 Andy Rubins (2)

Android is undeniably the most used mobile phone operating system in the world. First released in 2008, this OS is continuously evolving over the years. However, the actual creators have moved on. Andy Rubin, the Android co-creator, started a new venture by the name of Essential Products in 2015. The company announced the release of Essential Phone, their first ever smartphone, only a few months back, and now it is available for pre-order.

Essential announced on Thursday that the Essential Phone would be available for preorder at Sprint, Best Buy, and their own website. The price of the phone is $699, and it is not available for purchase anywhere except the US yet. The phone was to come in both black and white colors, but only black is available for now.

Essential PH-1 Andy Rubins (3)

According to Sprint, the phone will be shipped till August 28. They are even offering a promotional offer where you can lease the phone for $14.59 a month for 18 months. Once the period is up, either you will have to purchase it or trade it in for another phone.

The people who had pre-registered to buy the phone are already receiving the emails saying their device will ship in the next week, as reported by the Android Police.

Back in May, Essential announced that they would start shipping phones in 30 days. It has been over two months since the unveiling, and the company has started the shipping process just now.

The Essential Phone is created to compete with the high-end flagship devices like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The phone offers almost similar specs; titanium and ceramic body, clean android version, and minimal bezel display, similar to the one expected from the incoming iPhone 8. The Essential Phone will also support a variety of modular devices like a 360-degree camera.

Essential PH-1 Andy Rubins (1)The company has already obtained the funding of more than $300 million from giants like Foxconn, Tencent, and Amazon. According to the Verge, the value of this firm is about $1 billion.

Despite its competing features, this phone will be no threat to the well-established market of iPhone. Most users from the US buy their phones through carriers, and the only carrier who is selling this device through its channels is Sprint. The device is compatible with other carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. However, you need to buy an unlocked model and port it to your favorite carrier, all on your own!

Looks may deceive but we will not expect that from a man like Andy Rubin, and the phone does look quite phenomenal as well. We must wait for the shipment of this mobile to find out how it gets along in the smartphone market.

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