Need To Turn Up The Volume Of Your Phone? Make this Cheap DIY Amplifier

DIY amplifier

Laptops, tablets and smartphones rarely come with a speaker loud enough to satisfy our social music need and other party obligations. Whenever we need to do those, we have to arrange a set of these clumsy speakers that literally shout obsoleteness through their jumble of wires and weight. Fortunately for you, next time you can have a cool DIY amplifier of your own whenever you feel like going loud. It is basically an amplifier made of wood that will resonate and reinforce the sound to create a magnified amplitude of the sound. So, you won’t be needing those endless AAA batteries, extensions and portable supply for this at all. Just pure, natural voice!

Let us build it from the beginning:

Since it is entirely made out of wood, some skill on the sandpaper and saw is a must for this DIY.

DIY amplifier3

How does this work? An opening at the base of the amplifier leads to the two holes styled as speaker points at the front.

DIY amplifier2

The circular chamber has a sudden increase in area. This is where the sound gets amplified.

DIY amplifier

I know many of you have placed the phone in a bowl to increase the volume. Same principles are at work here. Though, it performs much more admirably.

You can also make it for your tablet as well. Just alter the dimensions, that is all.

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