Got Your Car Stuck In Mud Or Sand? Take It Out Using This Simple Engineering Trick!

Trick to free car from mud

For those of us who like to travel to distant areas, getting your car stuck in mud or sand is a common situation. Usually we dig in around the wheels or ask people to push the car out of the area. However, what if you are all alone and have no one to ask for help? Well, you can try this simple trick to free your car.

Got stuck in the mud hundred miles from nowhere. Capers Landrum Cauthen and I engineered this on each wheel.

Posted by Dan Mengedoht on Thursday, September 3, 2015


  1. Vinay Reply

    I am taking part in a racing car championship which has maximum limit of 2kw power run through dc motor and the battery is charged through solar plates.should I use 1 kw hub motor on each rear wheel or single 2 kw motor on a common shaft .which one would be good and provide maximum speed alone with little torture(just to over come initial friction) and why?.it is race of continuous 1 hour.please reply fast.Thanks

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