NASA’s New Chief Scientist Wants It To Focus On Climate Science As Well As Space

NASA’s newly appointed chief scientist, Katherine Calvin, wants to focus on climate science along with space. She has also focused on the expansion of the interaction of NASA’s members with other domains. She has pledged a plan to renew the agency’s Earth Satellite fleet. She has mentioned that there is “more to plan”.

According to CNBC, Calvin is working on the tasks under a temporary assignment from her long-time base at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Joint Global Change Research Institute. She comes to NASA as it works to implement a new Earth System Observatory, announced in May 2021 for the first time. Their program includes the intention to send a series of Earth-focused missions to space to observe and record climate change. She was having the viewpoint that when people came to hear about NASA, they must think of climate science alongside planetary science.

But Calvin will also face the perpetual infrastructure-related problem of keeping the Earth observation fleet current. She told CNBC that all of the chief scientists of NASA have had specialty areas. Her is climate. CNBC has mentioned that Calvin stood with the point that NASA is performing great worldwide. And thus she is just communicating this science and connecting it to other agencies. NASA is having more than two dozen satellites, recording and measuring climate change variables, like changes in the levels of Carbon dioxide. NASA uses such data to perform climate modeling and its prediction.

Calvin also focused on the point that NASA is working on the procedures for making flights more efficient so they use less fuel and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thus her struggles, going side by side, will surely work to make NASA’s climate data easier to find so that users don’t need to struggle a lot with different websites. New climate technologies give her hope.

A false-color Landsat 8 image of wetlands around the Mississippi Delta

Calvin is having this view that people are innovative, as they have flown a helicopter on Mars. There’s a lot with people at NASA and elsewhere, as they are doing inventions and bringing the technologies that can help them to adapt to climate change.

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