Narrative Clip 2 Is A Wearable Camera That Records Your Daily Life

Narrative’s Clip 2 – Wearable Camera3

They say the best camera to have is the one you carry with you. We have all missed some precious moments because we didn’t have our camera. Narrative’s wearable camera, ‘Clip’ is just that – a camera you always have with you. This compact camera clips to any piece of clothing while capturing photos every 30 seconds and it’s getting a big update with wireless connectivity, wider-angle lens, and a new modular clip design so you can attach it in more places than ever. An improved battery, GPS, and updated smartphone apps pretty much sums up the Clip 2. The changes to the sequel gadget have been made based on users’ feedback.Narrative’s Clip 2 – Wearable Camera5 Narrative’s Clip 2 – Wearable Camera6

The Clip 2 by Swedish company, Narrative, was recently unveiled. It’s being introduced as the ‘world’s most wearable camera.’ Equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Clip 2 makes sure you always have easy access to view and share your precious moments instantaneously. Android and iOS support makes your pictures always available for viewing and sharing. You can browse, organize, and share them with other Narrative users on social media, such a Twitter and Facebook. Narrative’s Clip 2 – Wearable Camera4

Another improved feature of Clip 2 is the device’s modular clip that provides versatile wearing options, such as fixing it on a necklace or pinning on a jacket. The sleek design ensures that users are able to comfortably wear the clip in a way that suits them best. A 90 degree lens can capture 8 megapixel photos and has improved light sensitivity for low light settings. Narrative’s Clip 2 – Wearable Camera2 Narrative’s Clip 2 – Wearable Camera

The Narrative App allow users to easily navigate their memories in photo sequences. Other features of the Clip 2 include a 30 hour battery life, an 8 GB memory, an accelerometer to rotate your photos no matter how you wear it, a USB port, and apps for iPhone, Android and desktop. The gadget will be sold at $199.


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