Nokia 215 For $29 Is The Cheapest Nokia Phone With WiFi Connectivity

Nokia 215 is The Cheapest Microsoft Phone2

Being billed as the company’s most affordable phone with internet facility, the Nokia 215 has been announced by Microsoft. The handset is advertised as a means of providing internet services and connectivity to users in those countries where connectivity is easily available, and that too while costing just $29 (exclusive of taxes and subsidies).
Nokia 215 is The Cheapest Microsoft Phone5
Nokia 215 is The Cheapest Microsoft Phone

The handset comes with Facebook app, Twitter, Bing Search and Opera Mini Browser, all pre-installed. It is available in dual and single SIM versions. “With our ultra-affordable mobile phones and digital services, we see an inspiring opportunity to connect the next billion people to the internet for the first time,” Jo Harlow of Microsoft stated.Nokia 215 is The Cheapest Microsoft Phone2
“The Nokia 215 is perfect for people looking for their first mobile device, or those wanting to upgrade to enjoy affordable digital and social media services, like Facebook and Messenger.”Nokia 215 is The Cheapest Microsoft Phone3 Nokia 215 is The Cheapest Microsoft Phone4

Although the Nokia 215 lacks many smart features that most of the phones nowadays provide, it does boast of the famous Nokia Battery time. Users can enjoy 29 days of standby time with the single SIM model and about 21 days with the Dual SIM model. The Nokia 215 is to be released in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe by March 2015.


  1. prashanth Reply

    in this 215 , can we able to connect to laptop and use internet facility , if yes pls let me know how

  2. jbj Reply

    This phone doesnt have WiFi or 3G only Edge, which makes all the social features pretty much useless but as a cheap, reliable and long lasting battery phone its great

    • prashanth Reply

      But how we can get internet facility to laptop by using nokia 215, any posibility

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