Myris – Now Your Eyes Hold The Password To Your Online Accounts

Myris 4

It is becoming such a big problem to remember all those passwords which you keep creating every now and then. Very often you will find yourself looking at the sign-in page like a complete idiot because you have no idea what password you set for the website last time. This has happened to all of us and there is a very high probability that it will happen to others as well.
Myris 2 This is where our today’s gadget comes in to save the day. Myris is a new gadget which will take away your worries regarding passwords and memorizing them. The gadget scans user’s iris and determines the identity of the user.

Myris 3This gadget looks like a conventional computer mouse connects to your computer via USB and makes use of video to scan your iris and creates a unique 2048 bit signature generated by memorizing 240 points from each iris of the user. Once this process is complete, all that needs to be done is to hold the device in front of your eye and look directly into the mirrored lens and voila; digital accounts access granted!

Myris 5As expected, it works in conjunction with an app and accounts on social networks whereas e-commerce and online banking can be linked to Myris too. However, no data is stored either in the application or transmitted via application. The authentication process is carried out on the device. So, you may very well set quite a complex password and then forget about it because all you need to do is to perform an iris scan to gain access.

Myris is being manufactured by EyeLock in collaboration with Voxx Electronics and according to them, the chances of a fake ID case are one in 2.25 trillion and after this, only the DNA is able to provide a more enhanced mode of verification accuracy. Anthony Antolino, Chief Marketing Office EyeLock, speculated that usernames and passwords will soon diminish from our lives and gadgets similar to myris will take up the responsibility of user verification. According to him; ‘ It is a constant struggle for organizations and individuals to keep their digital, social and financial transactions safe from compromise, breach and theft. People are required to remember dozens of passwords in an effort to secure their data, however we continue to hear about security breaches daily. With myris, consumers and enterprise organizations now have instant and secure login to most of their digital access points.’

MyrisThe company was founded in 2006 and since then has been a pioneer in iris-based technology used for user verification. However, they are quite proud of myris claiming it to be the first simple enough gadget to be made available to public. It is being predicted that myris will be made available later this year and will be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8, Mac OS and Chrome OS. The price tag still has to be determined.

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