Bedjet Warms Your Bed At Night By Blasting Warm Air Through It


The biggest problem in winters, without any doubt is getting into a cold bed at night! Bedjet is the new thing in town that addresses this problem; not just warming a cold bed but also cooling a hot bed. This machine can be placed under the bed if possible or simply in a corner. Not only does it act as a thermo-regulator, but also saves your bill due to the use of furnaces or air conditioners.Bedjet-3

Mark Aramli is the man behind the invention who is also ex-NASA spacesuit engineer. He has created the Bedjet with a heater/blower unit that is the main unit which can be put under the bed on the floor, along with a plastic hose that carries either hot or room temperature air between the bed sheets. The user can control the Bedjet in two ways, either through an RF remote or by installing a simple app on their smartphones. A holder under the mattress helps to keep the hose in place whereas a flat-angled nozzle points the air in the right direction.Bedjet-1

All one has to do is to run the machine for 3-5 minutes on the appropriate heat settings before sliding into bed. The temperature under the comforter and between the bed sheets is raised by 30ºF comparative to the room temperature. Once the required temperature is reached, the Bedjet turns-off automatically and the user maintains the temperature and coziness through their body heat. In circumstances where it gets too hot, the Bedjet can be left running in the Cool setting during the night.

Bedjet-2The Bedjet is a 1500 watt device that delivers heat much more efficiently and evenly, has no connecting wires that mess up and might get broken to harm the user. Similar alternative devices like an electric blanket use more energy yet deliver less. Aramli is presently increasing production funds for the Bedjet device, on Kickstarter and has pledged the price at US$249. It will be delivered to the customers as soon as the production is started. The projected retail price is $399.

Watch the awesome working of the Bedjet on the video link below:

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