Mozilla Comes Up With A New Smartphone That Costs Only 25$ But Has A Huge Touchscreen

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We all know Mozilla as the developer of the famous Firefox browser, but the company is expanding itself to new horizons. The company has coupled with a low-cost Chinese chip manufacturer Spreadtrum to create a new, cheaper smartphone for the masses.

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The phone may not be as capable as it’s high-end counterparts, but it will support apps and mobile Internet. This phone will appeal to users who are looking for a “cheap” feature phone that can do all the basics. This phone will act as a bridge between “plain” cell phones and smartphones. Mozilla’s main target market is developing countries where smartphones are seen as an excessive luxury. The phone will be available this year for a price of $25 and is currently known as the SC6821. This budget smartphone will feature a 3.5-inch HVGA touchscreen, built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, as well as FM and camera functions. Details of the processor are scarce, but the Firefox OS is said to require only 128 MB of RAM which means, we can expect a Spreadtrum chipset with medium processing power.

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With the Mobile World Congress underway, the mobile industry is seeing great changes and this new step taken by Mozilla is certainly a game changer. Though the new phone will have to compete against more well-established brands, Mozilla believes that it will be able to capture its target market with great ease. They believe that their phone will “redefine” the entry-level phone market. This phone will be a savior for those consumers in developed countries as well, who have to buy expensive contracts to reap the benefits of a smartphone.

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The phone will run Mozilla’s own operating system, which could act as a negative point since there are not much apps for this OS . However, Mozilla seems confident and has even released high-end phones from Huawei and ZTE that run Mozilla OS . With a retail price of $25 and availability in all developing and developed countries, the new Mozilla OS is bound to make a place for itself in the ever-growing market.
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