World’s First 3D Printer That Can Print Things From Carbon Fiber Is Now Available

Mark One 4

In recent times, we have been going on and on about 3D printers and the wonders which they are capable of performing. 3D printers are now stepping into every field and one field in particular; Automobile industry. For all the automobile enthusiasts out there, we bring to you an affordable Carbon Fiber 3D printer.
Mark One 3 This printer comes from MarkForged and costs only $5,000. The model is known as Mark One and this is the first 3D printer of its kind (the kind which prints carbon fiber). So basically, get ready for a myriad of carbon fiber parts which can manufactured using this printer and bolted on to your ride.

Why is carbon fiber so popular? It is because of two reasons; it is light weight and imparts good strength. In fact, nowadays the presence of Carbon fiber on a car implies that the particular vehicle is a performance machine. As of now; carbon fiber bolt-on parts or the plastic impersonations of these parts are hot items in the aftermarket auto parts industry. The capability to print such items at home or small workshop will definitely bring the prices down.

Mark One 2Mark One is capable of printing an object with maximum dimensions of 12×6.25×6.25 inches. Other than carbon fiber, it is capable of printing fiber glass, nylon and polyactic acid (PLA). However, the gadget is capable of using only one material at a time. The printing tray for this printer comes with an unparalleled accuracy of 10-micron. President of MarkForged, Gregory Mark, is also co-owner of Aeromotions, a company that is busy in manufacturing some pretty cool Carbon Fiber spoiler wings which are used by race cars that are on the high performance end.

Mark OneThe best part, however, is the fact that this technology brings carbon fiber to almost every industry and will allow them to cut out complicated shapes as well.  This will also allow for a transition from conventional materials to carbon fiber. According to MarkForged, the Mark One will be made available soon, although there has been no specific release date.

Well, we wish them good luck and are really looking forward to this fancy gadget! Check out the youtube video for more details:

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