Motorola Is Bring Back The Famous RAZR

Much of the buzz surrounding the foldable phones seems to have faded away. Samsung also faced troubles with its foldable phone. Nonetheless, there is still hope for the foldable phone in the form of Motorola RAZR.

Motorola RAZR is slated for launch sometime in August this year and comes from a company that we haven’t really heard from in the past few years. The very first foldable phone to make its way into the market will be Motorola RAZR and this could either make or break the foldable phone market. So in a way, a huge responsibility rests on Motorola now.

Samsung has had a terrible fail with its foldable phone. Tech reviewers and influencers have already reported that the screen is breaking. Apple is currently quiet about its goal or lack thereof of creating a foldable phone. Whereas, Huawei is being blacklisted by the USA and other countries also have concerns about Huawei and its links with intelligence services. This is the current state of the industry where Motorola – once a titan – is attempting a comeback with its Motorola RAZR reboot.

Motorola released RAZR back in 2005, and it wiped the floor with its competition. It was one of the most popular phones and was campaigned quite aggressively. The dominance didn’t last for long as Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 and HTC G1 followed soon in 2008 running Google’s Android. Since RAZR was not a smartphone, it was quickly phased out as people moved to smartphones.

Motorola was bought by Google but then sold to Lenovo in 2016 for about $3 billion. We all love a good comeback story, and we believe that Motorola is about to make one with its Motorola RAZR. Just think about it, Motorola knows how to incorporate the smartphone technology into a foldable phone as opposed to current phone giants trying to incorporate the foldable design into their smartphones. None of them has been able to convince the consumers as to why they should buy the foldable phones.

RAZR was something that consumers loved but had to drop because it was unable to keep up with the technology. Now that it is incorporating the technology, there is no reason why consumers won’t fall for it again and make it a favorite. Furthermore, we are tired of the mini-differences that the current phone giants are offering; the difference in bezels and what not. Simply put, it seems that the innovators of today in the mobile manufacturing industry are out of new ideas and this sets the stage for Motorola to make a comeback.

Motorola RAZR could prove itself to be the answer to many consumers who have been asking to reduce the bulk of the modern smartphone. If the Motorola RAZR features the basic smartphone features and can deliver in terms of size; we are sure it will be a hit. What do you think? Do let us know!


  1. Phil Grace Reply

    Would love this. Still carry and use a 3G clamshell because of its small size and durability.

  2. John a anderson Reply

    I’ve been waiting since last year for the RAZR 4 to be released & not sure as I’ll be able to get my hands on one here in Bahrain ?
    Or Dubai ? But of a disappointment as I hear they are only producing 200,000 limited to a US supplier ??

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