Malaysian Man Destroys Condo On Account Of Not Being Luxurious Enough

Malaysian Man Destroys Condo On Account Of Not Being Luxurious Enough!

Want to know something bizarre? A Malaysian man has gone viral after he filmed himself taking his anger out on a new condominium located in Kuala Lumpur. It wasn’t unjustified anger though; he says that the condo was not as luxurious as the developer had promised him.

The man, whose name remains unknown, has become an Internet-celebrity thanks to his small Facebook clips where he can be heard complaining about the condo that he says he paid $2 million ringgit for and is not up to the promised standards. He spray-painted everything that he disliked about it and then took a sledgehammer and broke the furniture and the marble floor.

Malaysian Man Destroys Condo On Account Of Not Being Luxurious Enough!

The man claims that he tried to contact the developer, Tropicana Corporation Berhad, for raising his concerns but the developer ignored him. Therefore, he has decided to transform the luxury condominium into a showroom for the company so that it cannot scam others to pay for such a ‘luxury’.

He says, ‘We operate a company; we have to make money, but please don’t be such a cheapskate. You don’t even have a curtain rod; you call this a luxurious apartment. This is not acceptable to me.’ He addressed the Tropicana board of directors and clarified that they had failed to get in touch with him for discussing the problems. The Malaysian man grabbed hold of the spray-can of red paint and begins marking all that is wrong with the new condo. This includes sliding doors that have a small hole where you have to put your finger for pulling them out of the walls and furniture that he called cheap, cracked or crooked marble tiles among many more issues.

Malaysian Man Destroys Condo On Account Of Not Being Luxurious Enough!

The man claimed in the video that he would make it his life’s mission for destroying the reputation of the developer for selling him a cheapskate unit. He said, ‘This will be your new showroom. I don’t have time to go for tribunal (to court), there will be a group of people who have time to go for the tribunal, let them go. Wait till you deal with those mainland Chinese buyers, then you’ll see what they do, they will even do more (worse). There are many ways to skin a cat. We will put you on the news, on the papers, everywhere. Not in Malaysia, but Malaysia will pick it up.’

He goes on to say the following before he smashes a table using the sledgehammer, ‘Your ‘impeccable taste’, you want me to accept, I don’t accept… I don’t need you to pay me; I don’t like it.’

The developer has responded with the following statement, ‘The individual who performed destructive acts in the unit is the representative of the unit’s current owner. Our team is still attempting to connect with the rightful owner, and we will do our best to assist in any possible way. We are deeply mortified and affected by this untoward incident, and we apologise to anyone that has been affected by it.’

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