Meet The Pink Panthers – A Unique Remnant Of The British Army’s History

When one thinks about military combat vehicles, generally dark green, brown, gun metallic, and black are the colors that cross the mind. But another color does not come to mind but is exceptionally effective in camouflaging vehicles in desert terrain. The British army thought so because there was a time not so long ago that they had a pack of pink panthers or a fleet of pink land rovers.

As it was known back in the day, Desert pink got its nod of approval from the British researchers during the second great war, aka World War 2. They confirmed that it was the most suitable camouflage color for the desert. As a result, a fleet of Series 2A Land Rover jeeps was colored pink and remained in service of the British SAS from 1968 until 1984.

During WWII, a plane wreck was discovered in the North African desert, which inspired the Pink Panther vehicles. After decades of exposure, the metal had turned pink, and SAS troops realized that the tint succeeded in concealing the wreck. The vehicle couldn’t be recognized from hundreds of yards away due to its pink color.

The Pink Panthers were instrumental in carrying out operations in Oman’s deserts as they mushed perfectly with the sandy terrain. Unfortunately, only 20 of the 72 Series 2A Land Rovers purchased by the SAS in the early 1960s are still operational today.

PA Blanchard & Co listed one exceptional Pink Panther for $85,000 in 2019. The vehicle comes with a copy parts book and handbook and a comprehensive equipment timeline. The model had retired from the military in 1986. It is also available in the original color, which is one of the main reasons for its mass appeal. Unfortunately, only a few Pink Panthers were available for purchase, with the rest housed in museums and private collections.

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