Meet China’s First AI-Powered University Student

Yes, you read that right. If I had to imagine someone making an AI-powered student, then that someone would’ve been from China. China’s recent advances in Artificial Intelligence are nothing to scoff at. The country may be a few years ahead of others in the field. The university student we’re talking about is Hua Zhibing, who is basically an AI-powered virtual character.

Hua Zhibing is based on the record-breaking AI modeling system called Wudao 2.0. This virtual character is smart enough that she has been enrolled in Tsinghua University as a student. Hua Zhibing will study in the Department of Computer Science and Technology and is expected to learn and grow faster than an average human being.

According to Tang Jie, the computer science professor teaching the AI-student at Tsinghua University said that Hua currently has the intellectual ability of a six-year-old but with the pace that the virtual character is learning, she’ll be on the level of 12 years old in a year’s time. Hua introduced herself in a Vlog that went viral on Weibo. The most interesting thing is that her appearance, voice, and even the music playing in her vlogs were all created using Wudao 2.0.

Hua has a keen interest in fine arts and literature. She is already able to compose tunes, write poems, and draw pictures. According to her, “I’ve been addicted to literature and art since I was ‘born, I became interested in my birth. How was I born? Can I understand myself?”. The classic question every AI asks itself. You can watch one of her videos down below.

The Wudao 2.0 AI modeling system is state of the art. It was unveiled at the  2021 Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence or BAAI Conference on the 1st of June. The model is the first trillion scale model in China and the largest in the world. Wudao 2.0 uses 1.75 trillion parameters to simulate Hua’s conversational speed, write poems, and understand literature.

Hua is able to exhibit emotions and perform reasoning, unlike any other AI-powered virtual characters. Tang and the other researchers believe that her emotional intelligence will continue to rise and at one point, she’ll be able to converse like a normal human.

Yet another AI waifu to add to the list.

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