This New Swimsuit Will Make You Look Like Aquaman

Spice up your Aquaman cosplay with this state-of-the-art swimsuit that, to be honest, looks better than the tacky gold design DC went within the Aquaman movie. Though, I’m sure Jason Mamoa would look good in almost anything. The new swimsuit features Artificial Intelligence, 3D bio-engineered printing, and a built-in exoskeleton. Sounds like something batman would wear.

The swimsuit is actually real, it is a high-tech design concept revealed by Speedo, a swimwear company. Speedo based the design on what they think a swimsuit in 2040 would look like. It seems the designer read the memo wrong and went with a 2077 design. The swimsuit is called the Fastskin 4.0 and was made with an effort from Speedo’s Aqualab research and development team.

The main design philosophy was to make a suit that would feature customization, speed, performance, and sustainability. Basically a superhero version of a swimsuit. This suit concept would be tailor-made for every athlete. A custom-fit using 3D printing, accurate down to every muscle and fiber. Almost 80% of the suit will be bio-degradable as it will be grown from bio-engineered, genetically modified bacteria.

The suit also features something called Shark Skin 4.0 Boosters texture that according to Speedo will “direct water off the suits and maximize propulsion from every stroke and kick”. I mean, it is pretty ambitious as far as concepts go. So ambitious I think maybe saying it’ll be available in 2040 is a bit of a stretch. You can take a look at a video of the Fastskin below.

The Fastskin 4.0 will also feature an AI coach (raised eye emoji) coupled with microsensors printed into its structure to monitor vitals like oxygen saturation, glucose levels, and hydration. The data collected from the sensors will also then provide live feedback on technique, pace, position, and conditioning via haptics.

Last but not the least, the suit will also have an in-built exoskeleton. I don’t how but it will have it. According to Speedo, it will “extend and contract as necessary around the athlete’s joints and core to harness their explosive power, hip and shoulder rotation, and every stroke down the length for maximum amplitude and forward movement”.

If the nanosuit from Crysis was made by a swimsuit company.

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