Watch a Ten-Story Apartment Block Get Built in a Day

Ever see a high-rise building get built in a day? Me neither so I guess we both are in for a show. The worst thing about big buildings was the time it took to make them but that issue seems to be a thing of the past as with new “Prefabricated” buildings, the construction process can be just completed in over a day.

These buildings are designed to be put together as fast as possible. A recent showing of the technology was done by China’s Broad Group, which put up a high-rise building in just over a day or 28 hours and 25 minutes precisely. The building was constructed using the company’s Living Building prefabricated construction system. One of the benefits of this system is that the building modules are very easy to transport.

Each module is prefabricated in a factory and is made to be easily fit into containers. These container-shaped modules can then be effortlessly transported. The modules consist of stainless steel structure with wiring, insulation, glazing, and ventilation systems all built in-house.

Of course, doing this only makes the building process easier than traditional ways. To get the high-rise building up in over a day, Broad Group had to employ a large number of builders and three cranes to make sure they met their deadline. You can take a look at a video showing the process below.

A ten-story building in just over a day is a remarkable feat of engineering and Broad Group assures that its prefabricated setup is very durable, earthquake-resistant, and can be dismantled and moved if needed. They also mentioned that their modules can also be used to construct hotels, hospitals, dorms, and residential buildings.

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