Mark Zuckerberg Says He Is Ready To Fight Elon Musk Today But He Is ‘Not Holding His Breath’

The conflict between internet titans Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk has taken an unexpected physical turn in an unexpected turn of events. The attention of their millions of followers has been riveted by the two titans of the computer industry’s fun yet serious feud. the most recent advancement? The two would engage in a cage match, which would be hotly contested and discussed on each platform.

The seeds of this intriguing proposition were sown by a random Twitter user back in June, and since then, the feud has escalated into a potential physical showdown. Musk was the first to address the idea, playfully tweeting on June 20, “I’m up for a cage match if he is lol.” Zuckerberg’s response was equally intriguing: “Send me location.”

However, despite the banter and apparent willingness, formal arrangements for the fight have yet to materialize. Zuckerberg’s latest update on his Threads platform indicated his readiness for the match and even proposed August 26 as the fight date, a date that Musk had initially challenged him on. Yet, it seems that confirmation from Musk is still pending, leaving the fans in anticipation.

The proposed fight, with promises of live-streaming on Musk’s rebranded platform “X,” comes with the additional twist of a charitable cause. Musk announced that all proceeds would be directed towards charity for veterans. However, Zuckerberg expressed skepticism about the choice of platform, suggesting that a more reliable option could be used to ensure maximum funds are raised for the cause.

UFC President Dana White has added fuel to the fire by confirming that both Zuckerberg and Musk are “absolutely dead serious” about this potential showdown. Yet, doubts have been raised by Musk’s own mother, Maye Musk, who seemed to suggest that the fight was canceled, only to be refuted by recent developments.

As the tech world watches with bated breath, the proposed venues for this showdown range from the modern UFC Octagon in Las Vegas to the historic Colosseum in Rome. While official comments from both parties remain elusive, the intriguing possibility of seeing these tech moguls physically face off continues to captivate the imaginations of their followers worldwide. It remains to be seen whether this friendly feud will indeed materialize into a physical spectacle or fizzle out like a passing trend.

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