Man Dies From Electrocution After Jumping Into A Lake In Georgia

Georgia’s infamous Lake Lanier has once again claimed a life, this time in a bizarre and tragic incident involving electrocution. The victim, 24-year-old Thomas Shepard “Shep” Milner, lost his life after jumping into the lake for a swim from his family’s dock. Authorities and witnesses recount a grim and counterintuitive scenario, where the waters became deadly with electricity.

As Milner leaped into the lake, he immediately started screaming in distress, prompting his family and friends to rush to his aid. A neighbor in a boat jumped out to rescue him but felt a burning sensation upon contact with the water. He quickly realized that the source of the danger was a power box near the dock and promptly turned it off before dragging Milner back to shore. Despite their efforts, Milner passed away the following day after being transported to a local hospital.

Milner’s mother later revealed that the dock, installed by a licensed electrician and only three years old, was outfitted with electricity. She urged other dock owners to inspect their electrical setups regularly and make necessary repairs to prevent similar tragedies.

Due to its history of multiple fatalities, Lake Lanier has a bad reputation. Even during the same weekend of Milner’s passing, a 27-year-old guy is said to have vanished near the lake, according to reports. A sonar search led to the discovery of Tracy Smith, a 61-year-old victim who drowned after swimming away from a boat. Tracy Smith was another casualty.

Investigators are likely to concentrate on the power box as a key evidence even if the cause of the electrocution is still unknown. Authorities are currently looking into how the water got electrified, and they’re desperate to stop this from happening again.

Lake Lanier has become more than just a location known for recreational activities; it has garnered urban legend status over the decades. According to a 2021 Oxford American piece, roughly 500 people had lost their lives in the lake since its creation in the 1950s, with 200 of those deaths occurring after 1994.

Some residents of the area think the lake is cursed because unmarked graves that were submerged during its construction are said to be visited by ghosts. It’s crucial to remember that these assertions still fall under the category of folklore and that there is no solid evidence for the existence of ghosts.

Shep Milner’s untimely death serves as a somber reminder of the perils present in Lake Lanier’s waters. To safeguard the safety of all visitors and prevent additional fatalities in this otherwise stunning and well-liked location, authorities and the local community must stay watchful and take the appropriate steps.

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