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Make Your Own Wall Mounted Bottle Opener With These Simple Steps

Bottle opener

Having a wall-mounted bottle opener is a blessing in disguise for folks who like to enjoy drinks. The issue that accompanies this amazing invention is the fact that it sends the bottle caps flying all over the place. That is where this amazing DIY project comes in with a solution. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

The project started with him cutting out a wood block and adding some lighter wood strips to it for added contrast.

After this, he drilled 3 holes on board’s side that will eventually face the wall.

He managed to get his hands on some powerful magnets.

According to his recommendations, you should use wood glue or epoxy for placing the magnets in these holes.

Time to install the bottle opener on the front.

Time to give it a test run!

Works without a glitch.

Now you can keep them from falling on the floor and even start your collection if you’re into it!