Man Uses His Skills To Transform An Old Screw Into A Deadly Tool

bottle opener using an old screw

We all have a lot of junk lying around the house, and many of us tell ourselves that there is some particular purpose for it but rarely put it to use. However, there are also those among us who make good use of these objects. One YouTuber ‘i did a thing’ does the same to a typical old screw. He does fantastic projects and creates items which no one imagines can be produced from ordinary objects. This time he came with a rusty screw which would have been tossed into the trash by anyone, but he saw the potential in it and using his skill and imagination, turned it into an elegant tool.

First, he heated the screw over the fire and waited till it was glowing red. The host then picked it with tongs and hammered it over his anvil. He split one end of the screw into tines and hooked its other end back towards the middle. This makes the perfect shape for a bottle opener. In another video, he created a booby trap using an Exacto knife with which he cut a gigantic hole in the middle of a dictionary.

Inside the hollowed-out book, he rigged up the spine of a binder to a large spoon which would spring up whenever the book is opened. When the system started working, he stuffed it with cheese. After that, whenever the trap was triggered, it would launch chunks of dairy into the air. He created a cheese catapult. It was a perfect way to prank anyone who looked through his library without asking.

Another one of his projects was constructing a Supersonic Nerf Gun and its not a toy available in stores. He took the shell of an old Nerf gun and filled it with aluminum tubing, some PVC pipe, and an electric-powered trigger. He gave the gun a fresh coat of paint too. For ammunition, he used tampons which didn’t end up drawing any blood. But don’t underestimate the power of this gun. It was able to break the sound barrier when fired and also had the power to embed the tampon bullets into a plywood cutout. When he fired a bullet at a banana, the shot went clean through the fruit leaving a perfect hole.

Check out the complete video of the bottle opener and check his other DIY projects as well. You might as well be able to create one similar to this.

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