World’s First Underground Hotel Will Open Next Month Outside Shanghai

world's first underground hotel in Shanghai

We are now entering an era in which hotel owners and architects around the world understand the importance of enhancing their guests’ experience dynamically and excitingly. These offerings include everything from reworked bus interiors to a sustainable option like the ‘energy positive’ hotel in Norway. The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland was devised with the concept of keeping the customers happy at all costs. The building and design were executed in a theatrical style; this 5-star hotel is almost entirely underground.

To make this project a reality, the team behind the hotel created a plan which placed it inside a former rock quarry that measured 90m in depth at Sheshan Mountain Range in central China. Atkins Global, the British engineering, design and project management group is behind this project. They have been putting the finishing touches on the project. The hotel is expected to open next month and is located 30 km from the local Hongqiao Airport in Songjiang.

The hotel has a total of 383 rooms which cover a massive area of 49,409 meters square. Except for the two top floors which are included in the lush green grass, the remaining 16 levels are underground. The greenery which covers the top floor is not only allowing the hotel to fit seamlessly into its surroundings, but it also reflects the solar and geothermal energy which will be utilized in various ways in the hotel. There is also a 10 meters deep aquarium which surrounds two of the underground floors. A cascading waterfall that starts at the top of the quarry will be enhanced with curved balconies that are a part of each of the rooms, to increase the effect which the design offers. Bungee jumping and rock climbing activities will also be provided to connect with the surrounding nature.

In a statement, Atkins Global said, “By building the hotel where it is, designers and developers hope to prevent further damage to the ecological environment around it. The Songjiang Quarry Hotel may become just about the greenest hotel ever made.” The hotel will have a version which achieves a rare combination of maintaining the luxury standard which will be affecting the profit margin of any hotel in the industry while offering a blueprint of sustainability as well.


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