Make Your Own Barbecue Grill In Your Garden With These Simple Steps


Summers are when you would want to spend a lot of your time outdoors after the sunset to enjoy the natural cold breeze and at times, have grilled meat. What if I tell you that you can cook excellent grilled food in your lawns just for $50? Yes, you can make a fire pit of your own by following these simple steps.

These concrete rings will be used in the process.



Basically, an inner and an outer ring must be formed.


Which means two circles of this sort will be formulated, and the gap between them will be filled with rocks and gravel.


This is exactly how you would be doing it.


The next step would be to light a fire in the center, but for that you would be needing a grill.


Remove the stand of the grill and place the grill right in the center.


Here you are, ready to light up a fire in the fire pit and munch on some fresh, home made barbecue.



Its all set.


The whole project will cost only $50.


Make sure you fix the fire pit in the ground and arrange some nice seating arrangement. Imagine, how wonderful would it be to sit around the fire pit while having a nice conversation with your friends. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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  1. DollyRox Reply

    Nice idea but it would require bending over to cook below waist level. Not a comfortable cook space.

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