[Solved] On iPhone, How to Fix Low Ear-Speaker/ Earpiece Sound Volume During Phone Call

iphone earpiece sound

Problem: On iPhone, low ear-speaker/ earpiece volume during phone call even when volume is set to maximum.

Caused After: Sometimes after iOS upgrade or when something falls into the ear-phone cavity.

Devices: iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 (all variants).

Solution: As strange as it may sound, simply suck the earpiece/ ear-speaker cavity as hard as possible.

How it works: Possibly the earpiece moves back into right position.

To Verify: Call someone

If it solves your problem, please let us know in the comments. If something else works better, please share in comments as well.


  1. Seabreeze Reply

    wierd but really works.

    I used a swab with little bit of alcohol to clean and after blow and suck – no jokes pls 😉

    thank you guys.

  2. abhinav Reply

    i accidentally dropped tea and thought i have lost ear piece to it.
    However there no harm in giving this love bite to your phone and this crude magic worked 😉

  3. Dharmesh Reply

    It worked for me thank you so much i cleaned my earpiece with a soft toothbrush it wored i now hear very louder as earlier thank you so much dear. ..

    • londonbarnes Reply

      same thing, thought i was going deaf…
      used the soft corner of an old businesscard and the earpiece was covered in fine white gunk, so scraped it off and cleaned it with a screen cleaner cloth (alcohol i think), back to normal and nice and loud again.

  4. leong Reply

    Can’t imagine it works…Not only suck but need to blow.. suck – blow – suck – blow

  5. Nate Reply

    This actually worked! I didn’t think it would, but I tried a call right afterwards and it was loud and clear, thanks!

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