Loius Vuitton Unveils Its New Luxurious $1000 Face Shield

We don’t know for how long will we require protective equipment to protect ourselves from the deadly virus and to stop its spread. This factor is playing an essential role in forcing companies to come out with their unique face masks and shields.

Where the world has seen numerous models equipped with technologies such as a built-in fan for breathing and a lot more, now is the time to put in some touch of luxurious branding to our protective covers. Louis Vuitton has unveiled its elegant and sky-high expensive face shield that can perform as a sun visor upon need.

The all-new LV mask is quoted to an unbelievable $1000, which makes us hope that this one provides an exceptional 100 percent safety to its users from catching the virus. Its fabric trim features the company’s signature LV badge and consists of a visor made out of plastic for better protection.

The visor’s plastic is made out of a photochromatic plastic material that fades when exposed to sunlight performing dual functions, primarily as a mask and then as shades.

The Louis Vuitton description for the protective shield reads that it makes for an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective. It seamlessly transforms from dawn to dusk, which adds up to its sophisticated touch as a whole.

Louis Vuitton is releasing a face shield with golden studs to protect  luxury buyers from coronavirus - CNN Style

The unmatched sophisticated and stylish protective shield by LV will be available in its stores worldwide from 30 October and onwards. We’d stay curious to know how well this shield performs in the market, given its price. I suggest spending a thousand dollars on a mask that ensures your protection with a touch of LV branding will sure be worth the spend.

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